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Samples below:

"Shelia, your energy, love and insights are very accurate indeed!"
...Violeta - TX


"Shelia is an awesome incredible human being. Her reading was right on. I thank her and our angels and guides for showing me the way. God Bless with love and light."
...Angela - AZ


"Affirming this path for me. There are no coincidences, you are a gift, I was led to you...and I THANK God for you and your talents. Blessings"
...Ellen - FL


"This was an amazing experience that expounds what wonderful guides there are in the world when the doors and windows are open for the positive flow of energy. Thank you, Shelia, for your energy and your gift."
...Jane - MA


Power Soul Path Reading

A Personal Soul Path Picture is designed to touch your heart and soul and to give you the guidance to make choices that are for the highest good. 

I call upon your angels and guides to assist me as I create this picture just for you. 

I see which colors, symbols, scenes, shapes and words to use that will best serve you at this time. 

I explain what the picture means on a separate sheet of paper. 

The picture can be very powerful and give you a greater understanding of yourself. 

As you change, so will your perception of the picture, so it grows as you grow. 

I mail them out when completed. 

These pictures can be created as a gift, all I need is a birth name and birth date and one will be created for that person. 

Price includes 11x14  frame size matted picture and shipping costs. 
Only $100.00

"Shelia is definitely filled with the spirit of divinity - She is blessed with the gift of insight. I was skeptical, but received the knowledge I was meant to receive today! God Bless"
...Sam - AZ


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