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"I could write something like it was wonderful or what a great experience but, the truth of the matter is that there are no words to describe what Shelia does. I have had well over 50 readings and she is by far the best!  Shelia is a gentle soul with a Love filled heart. Let her help to guide you along your path.  Shelia thank you very much for your guidance and affirmation."
...Ari - CA


"Shelia has a very special gift and I am very blessed to have met her to reinforce my inner thoughts."
...Kelly - OH


"Shelia is very warm. I enjoyed my visionary art reading thoroughly"
...Wendy - AZ


"Very attuned and sensitive - Thank You, Shelia for your insight and wonderful humor. I left feeling more at peace and aware of my own next steps along the path."
...Patricia - NJ


"Shelia, you are the most wonderful person I have met here in Sedona. Thank You for guiding me on the path I should be taking and how to help myself become more aware of what I need to be doing. Anytime I need direction I will call for your guidance. Thank You, Thank You!"
...Cameron - PA

In this type of session Shelia creates a work of visionary art from your energy.  In addition to the art you may also receive guidance and messages.  A visionary art reading bears some similarity to an aura reading, because I am reading your energy, but it is so much more.  Each picture is entirely unique and may contain images, symbols, words and colors  ---  all of which will be explained. 

Visionary art readings make wonderful gifts for friends and family.  All that is needed is the birth name and birth date and a beautiful picture will be created just for them from a Sedona Visionary Artist. Includes picture.  Above are samples.

Choose  5x7 for  $30.00                or                    8x10 for $55.00

"Shelia, this was so inspirational and insightful. I am so glad I experienced this"
...Cheryl - OH


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