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"My reading got right to the heart of my situation. I felt she was reaching right into my soul and giving me the wisdom I was seeking."
...Esther - RI

Intuitive Readings  -  Spiritual Counseling

Shelia has clients from all around the world.  She is a motivational speaker who has traveled the country lecturing, giving workshops on self-awareness and doing readings.  She has lived in Sedona since 1993 and continues to do readings for people all around the world.  Throughout the page you will see what a few of Shelia's clients have said about their experience with her readings.

"Generosity is the word for Shelia. A  calming and Happy Spirit." 
     ...Mark D. - NY

Shelia Shumate is an Angelic Light Worker, bringing in Divine Guidance with every session.  She calls upon yours as well as her your angels, guides, and higher self to assist in awakening your dreams, abandoning your fears and creating balance and harmony in your life.  She can also assist you in meeting your spirit guides and angels, if that is what is best for you at this time.  She works in a gentle and loving way and treats all questions with respect and confidentiality.  If you have questions about career, relationships, business, problems, issues, or Divine Guidance, then schedule a Reading.

30 minutes  $45.00
45 minutes  $60.00
60 minutes  $75.00

"I had one of the most positive and enlightening reading. I hope to carry this energy always with me." 
     ...Pamela - Italy 

Powerful Soul Path Reading

A Personal Soul Path Picture is designed to touch your heart and soul and to give you the guidance to make choices that are for the highest good. 

Shelia calls upon yours as wll as her angels and guides to assist her as she create the picture just for you. 

Shelia see which colors, symbols, scenes, shapes and words to use that will best serve you at this time. 

Shelia explains what the picture means on a separate sheet of paper. 

The picture can be very powerful and give you a greater understanding of yourself. 

As you change, so will your perception of the picture, so it grows as you grow. 

Shelia mails them out when completed.

Price includes 11x14 matted picture and shipping costs. 
Only $100.00

"My readings with Shelia were informative, inspirational, and FUN! I'm truly grateful for her clear channeling and loving spirit."
        ...Claudia - Kelowna, Canada

These Soul Path pictures can be created as a gift, all I need is a birth name and birth date and one will be created for that person.

"Shelia is a true healer, blessed with a gift from God. Thank you for your help and guidance. Peace and love" 
   ...Carol - San Diego, CA



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"Upon first seeing my Personal Path picture, I was stunned not only by the aesthetic beauty and graceful quality of the images, but by the penetrating insight by which Shelia was able to see my past, present and future. The picture will be a treasure to share and something to ponder quietly when I feel a need to reflect on the choices I'm making. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and amazing talent with me! 
...Cheryl, AZ

Visionary Art Readings

In this type of session Shelia creates a work of visionary art from your energy.  In addition to the art you may also receive guidance and messages.  A visionary art reading bears some similarity to an aura reading, but it is so much more.  Each picture is entirely unique and may contain images, symbols, words and colors  ---  all of which will be explained. 

Visionary art readings make wonderful gifts for friends and family.  All that is needed is the birth name and birth date of someone you care about, and a beautiful picture will be created just for them from a Sedona Visionary Artist.  

Choose  5x7 for  $30.00 or 8x10 for $55.00

Below are samples. 

"First time I have felt my heart open in a while. I felt beautiful energy and protection. The guides told me exactly what I needed to know. Shelia, Thank You!"
...Carol Anne -  West Vancouver, Canada


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"I''ve had a blessed reading with Shelia and not only is she loving, kind and compassionate, but her work with the Angels and Guides is superb and always hits the mark!"
...Pam - AZ

A Medium is an intermediate between the ethereal and the physical world. Shelia is able to receive information for you about loved ones who have passed on.  If you sometimes feel the presence of a loved one who has passed on, you may wish to seek answers to your relationship with that person, or find a degree of closure.

"Great Reading, Shelia, I feel refreshed and healed a lot, relaxed and grateful!"
...Holly, NV

Dream Interpretation

A dream interpretation analyzes a dream and reveals meaning and symbolism which can help the personal advancement of the dreamer. 

30 minutes $45.00
45 minutes $60.00
60 minutes $75.00

"Extraordinarily Gifted and in profound service"
...B. Joy - HI

Telephone Readings

Shelia has been doing phone readings for many years and works with the angelic realm to bring in the information that is best for you and most needed at this time.

30 minutes $45.00
45 minutes $60.00
60 minutes $75.00

Readings can be done in person, by phone, through e-mail or by mail.

"What an honor to meet you. Thank you for reminding me about the powers I hold within." 
      Laura J. - Ontario

 (entertainment purposes only)


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