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All Books and Cards are blessed at two of Sedona's Vortexes; Cathedral Rock and Airport Mesa.  Pulling in the energies of this area to assist those using them, for their own highest good.  May they touch the heart and soul of others.
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Shelia, author of Divine Sparks, at a Book Signing in Barnes and Noble.


Welcome to Sedona Book

This great little book answers so many questions people ask about Sedona: What is a vortex?  What do I do there? How did the red rocks form?  How did Sedona get its name?  Not only does it answer these questions but so much more. It gives facts about the area, some history, a little folklore.  It is definitely the quick and easy, fact filled guide to Sedona!  If you are planning to visit, this guide will assist you because it also includes a map to the Vortexes with driving directions.  This book is entertaining and easy to read.



Divine Sparks

The cards bring insight and inspiration in daily messages and readings.  Purple satin bag, includes 126 messages cards with instructions.  Sample:
     "Believe in your vision - Joyfully Awake!"
        "Everything that happens is teaching you something."
        "Abundance is yours! Know it! Believe it!"



Divine Sparks Book

Messages to inflame the Divine Spark within.  Just Be Publications is proud to announce the arrival of its first book, Divine Sparks.  126 Messages to inflame the Divine Spark within each person. The book can be used with the Divine Sparks card set or used alone.  Books are available autographed by the author at no extra cost.  Thousands of Divine Sparks sets have been sold since their release and people who have been eagerly waiting for the book can now use it as an accompaniment.


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