Choice Sticks

All Choice Sticks are blessed at two of Sedona's Vortexes; Cathedral Rock and Airport Mesa.  Pulling in the energies of this area to assist those using them, for their own highest good.  May they touch the heart and soul of others.
Retail prices shown.

Special care is taken in choosing the driftwood for Choice Sticks.

Something is always given back to the earth , such as crystals, stones, cornmeal or a combination, in thanks for that which we are creating.

Every stick is cleaned and scrubbed several times before being sanded and oiled, then decorated with crystals, feathers, shells and stones.

The crystals are symbolic of clarity.

The feathers are symbolic of visions.

The shells are symbolic of water and being in the flow of life.

The stones used have certain properties that will enhance the individual for whatever they are seeking toward self-improvement.

Each piece is unique and has its own special energy.

Choice Sticks are a reminder to slow down, remember the moment, accept ourselves and others, and come from love and compassion when making choices.

Small Choice Sticks
$16.00  (Retail)
These delightful choice sticks are approximately eight inches and will move quickly at such an affordable price.

Medium Choice Sticks
$24.00 (Retail)
These charming choice sticks are approximately twelve inches and have more detailed work on them, more crystals, shells and stones.

Large Choice Sticks
$36.00 (Retail)
These eye-catching choice sticks are usually larger than twelve inches but even more detailed than the medium, with some special touches.

Extra Special Choice Sticks

$50.00 (Retail)

The size of wood used varies as each piece is unequaled and creating a work of art with the crystals, feathers, shells and stones. Truly one of a kind!

Price Varies Depending on Piece
$200.00 and up (Retail)

These distinctive pieces sits on a red rock and is in a class by itself.  Each piece of wood is chosen because of it's exceptional beauty.  Once decorated, they take on a character of their own.


Special Orders
If you want a gift for a special someone, a particular store or a specific room, then one can be made especially for that.  Nothing smaller than the extra special choice sticks will be created.

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