All necklaces are blessed at two of Sedona's Vortexes; Cathedral Rock and Airport Mesa.  Pulling in the energies of this area to assist those using them, for their own highest good.  May they touch the heart and soul of others. Retail prices shown.

Choice Stick Necklaces
$14.00 (Retail)
These charming necklaces are decorated with a crystal, feather, leather and stones and comes with a soft suede cord.  Each ones comes with verse:

When it comes to a decision you dread
Hold this stick and clear your head,
Hear your inner voice and make your choice,
Then go where you once feared to tread.

Red Rock Quartz Pendant
$14.00 (Retail)
This beautiful Sedona Red Rock is decorated with a quartz crystal and wrapped in copper wire.  Includes a durable black cord.  Comes with verse:

Pray with me, hold me close, under the stars,
All mystery, magic and wonder are ours.
I open your star powers from deep within,
I give you strength to renew; to begin.
What better magic, O woman, O man, than to hold
the magic of Sedona in the palm of your hand!

Just Be Rock Necklaces
$14.00 (Retail)
Truly one of a kind.  This Sedona river rock necklace is gracefully decorated with a feather, stone and crystal.  Has soft suede cord.  Comes with verse:

Wear me as a reminder to slow down,
To sing and dance, to smile, not frown.
Make choices that feel good and you'll know,
By going with your inner voice, you'll grow.
Listen more, accept yourself, sense and see,
Experience the moment, Just Be.


Manifestation Necklaces    -   $18.00 (Retail)

Each of these special necklaces are decorated on a Sedona red rock and wrapped with copper wire. Each comes with a quartz crystal and appropriate stones to assist the individual to accomplish that which they desire. The stones listed below are some of the ones used. Keep in mind that not all stones are used on each piece because each one is unique.  All creations are blessed at two of Sedona's vortexes.

Abundance may have citrine, yellow calcite, tiger eye, carnelian...
Balance uses six different stones, such as amethyst, sodalite or lapis, peridot or aventurine, citrine or tiger eye, carnelian or tiger eye, garnet or hematite.
Healing may have aventurine, peridot, garnet, jade, turquoise,  malachite...
Joy may have amethyst, banded amethyst, lepidolite, garnet...
Love may have rose quartz, garnet,  pink quartz, rhodonite...
Strength  may have hematite, sodalite, garnet, lapis...


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