Crystals, Stones and Angels
All crystal, stones and angels are blessed at two of Sedona's Vortexes; Cathedral Rock and Airport Mesa. May they touch the heart and soul of others.  Pulling in the energies of this area to assist those using them for their highest good. Retail prices listed.



Crystal Feather Wands

A special crystal and beautiful feathers make a wonderful combination. Can be hung in your car, above doorways, in corners, in windows or placed on an alter.  Assorted stones such as rose quartz or amethyst, adorn the front of this eye-catching item.  A great way to move energy from corners for Feng Shui.  Comes with verse:

Hold me in your hand, open your heart space.
I can show you love within your sacred place.
I am a tool of Beauty, created with LOVE,
Here to give you Divine Inspiration from above.

Feng-Hwang Feathers

Each bouguet of feathers is handmade with clay and a crystal with a stone on front.  Feng-Hwang is a nature spirit in the form of a bird, with the charasteristics of virtue, righteousness, humanity, sincerity and integrity.  Feng is the male and Hwang is the female...Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary.   These are great to sit on your desk, coffee table, altar or anywhere you want to be reminded of the charasteristics it holds.

Stone Sets with Crystal and Velour Bag

Stones and Crystals  have been used for hundreds of years. Egyptians, Shamans, Healers, etc. have handled and practiced with them throughout the ages.  Keep in mind, Stones/Crystals are as powerful as your belief system.  Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Carry the stones/crystal reminding you during the day to think about their properties and visualize results. There are many ways to self-improve and this is just one.

There are 4 different sets one can choose from:

1)Just For Woman
2)Healing and Clarity
3)Prosperity and Abundance
4)Calming and Relaxation



This set comes with these stones:

Moonstone: (cream/white)
 Helps female problems, aids birthing process, balances emotion, flexibility in attitudes, relieves anxiety and stress.

Jade: (green)  Peaceful, nurturing,  longevity, clarity, aids in female problems, increases fertility, wisdom, healing and dispels negativity.

Magnesite: (white/gray lines)
Enhances the purification of cells, lessen PMS and controls body odor, grounding, promotes ideas and instills peace during meditation

Crystal:  Healing, clarity in thinking, communication with spirit, harmonize,  increase energy, and amplify thoughts.



This set comes with these stones:

Aventurine:  (Green) Healing, clarity in visions, self-reflection, amplifies leadership qualities, diminishes anger.

Obsidian:  (black) Shields negativity, grounding, produces sincerity in action & also creativity, clarity and healing.

Sodalite: (blue, white)  provides direction of purpose, trust in others & self,  better communications, helps eliminate confusion, enhances truthfulness.

Crystal:   Healing, clarity in thinking, communication with spirit, harmonize,  increase energy, and amplify thoughts.



This set comes with these stones:

Green Quartz with Pyrite: (Green Sparkles) Attracts success, prosperity and abundance. Inspires creativity,encourages emotional well being, shields negative energies.

Tiger Iron:  (Red, Silver, Gold)
Stimulates wealth, balances yin-yang energies, creates clarity & sharpness promotes intuition  and grounding.

Green Moss Agate: (Green, Clear)
Acquisition of riches, inspires, healing, balances emotions, strengthens positive traits, see beauty within.

Crystal: Healing, clarity in thinking, communication with spirit, harmonize,  increase energy, and amplify thoughts.



This set comes with these stones:

Sodalite: (blue) Calms & clears the mind, brings clarity & truth, enhances communications, allows creative expression.

Amazonite: (green) Soothing, reduces worries & fears, dispels negativity, brings love, balances male/female sides.

Serpentine: (green/black) Enhances mediations, dispels grief & fear, releases anger, provides connection to universal energy, protection.

Crystal: Healing, clarity in thought, harmonizing, increases energy.

Packaged Sets

There are several sets to choose from, each listed below, with explanation of stones and crystals:



Sedona Red Rock: (Red)

Used for grounding as well as connecting with Spirit World. Increases energy and vitality. Helps in releasing negativity. Assist in opening up to all possibilities.  Creates an atmosphere of reducing stress and tension. Raises self-confidence and promotes creativity. Enhances self-love. Powerful stone to Open psychic abilities and attracts healing energies.

Crystal: Healing, clarity in thought, harmonizing increases energy.


Amethyst: (purple) Provides clear communication between you and spirit, gives stability, strength, invigoration contentment and peace.

Blue Lace Agate: (blue) Helps one reach extremely high spiritual spaces, balances yin-yang energies, eliminates negativity and highly inspirational.

Howlite: (white) Encourages attributes toward spirituality, eliminates, pain & stress, facilitates awareness, calms, and seeks knowledge.

Crystal: Healing, clarity in thinking, communication with spirit, harmonize,  increase energy, and amplify thoughts.

Love and Relationships

Rose Quartz: (clear pink) Love, enhances compassion &
forgiveness, releases anger, brings creativity.

Rhodonite: (dark pink) Opens heart chakra, encourages
generosity, enhances unconditional love.

Vesuvianite: (green) Helps co-operative effort, brings one closer to higher realms, enhances creativity.

Crystal: Healing, clarity in thought, harmonizing, increases energy, amplifies thoughts.



Self Esteem/Confidence

Rhodonite: (pink w/black) Improves memory,  calms mind,  reduces stress, eases physical/emotional trauma, gives self-esteem and confidence, enhances energy levels.

Rose Quartz: (pink) Enhances self-confidence, creativity and compassion, helps clear stored anger, cools temper, helps in forgiveness.

Tiger’s Eye: (gold) Enhances clear perception and insight, helps connection with personal power and will, emotional balancing. grounding, centering, softens stubbornness.

Crystal: Healing, clarity in thought, harmonizing, increases energy, amplifies thoughts.


Amethyst: (Purple) Divine love for all, cuts through illusion to see things as they are, helps to understand others, calming, intuition, healing emotions and it enhances psychic abilities.

Rose Quartz: (Pink) Increases communications and compassion for others, enhances self-confidence in relationships, helps clear away stored anger and it also promotes forgiveness.

Sodalite: (Blue) Strengthens communication, brings clarity and truth in situations, helps calm and clear the mind and increases creative expression.

Crystal: Healing, clarity in thinking, communication with spirit, harmonize,  increase energy, and amplifies thoughts.


Just For Men

Chalcedony: (Blue)  Balances body, mind, emotions & spirit,  encourages “brotherhood,” promotes stability,
enhances generosity, alleviates

Fluorite: (Green/Purple )  Helps  to concentrate, see the truth behind an illusion, assists in stabilizing energy &
purification, eliminates disorder.

Red Aventurine: (Red)  Enhances
creativity, amplifies leadership qualities, supports instinctive action, balances male/female energies.

 Crystal: Healing, clarity in thinking, communication with spirit, harmonize,  increase energy, and amplify thoughts.



Carnelian: (orange) Increases personal power & physical
energy, dispels passivity, protects against envy & rage.

Larvikite: (black) assists in weight loss, increases metabolism, enhances vitality.

Rhyolite: (green) Increases stamina, improves muscle tone, enhances change, variety and progress.

Crystal: Healing, clarity in thought, harmonizing,
increases energy

Vortex Blessed Crystals         $3.95

These beautiful, quality Arkansas Crystals are blessed at two of Sedona's Vortexes.  You get a package that clearly states that it is blessed and where.  Choose from one crystal or two.



Virgin Crystals        $7.95

These wonderful crystals are mined in Arkansas by a Sedona resident and no harsh chemicals are used to clean them, only water.  Keep in mind they will not be clear, as they are just as they came out of the mine. They are taken to two of Sedona's Vortexes and blessed, absorbing the energies of Sedona.




Arizona Crystals        $3.95

These special crystals are mined in Payson, AZ by a husband and wife team.  Shelia then takes them to Airport Mesa and Cathedral Rock Vortexes and blesses them.  They are not clear like Arkansas Crystal but the do have a power and beautiful energy.



Vortex Blessed Stones


These are great gifts. They come with ten different stones and a pouch to carry them in.  Included is a list of the properties of each stone, making it easy for the user to know which ones they want to carry or work with.  Also, the package clearly states that they have been blessed at Sedona's Vortexes.

Angel Rock with Satchel
$10.00 (Retail)
For all angel lovers. Made with a Sedona red rock, with an angel on front. There are several different angel personalities, plus a separate stone such as rose quartz, amethyst, aventurine, etc.  These gifts are great reminders of our own Angelic Presence and will bring "Angel Love" to you daily.


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