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Crystals, Stones and Angels

We offer several products featuring quartz crystals.  The Crystal Feathered Wands pictured here, are great to hang in your car. We also offer a set of ten different stones (with sodalite, adventurine, jasper, etc.), a pouch to carry them in and a sheet with each stone's properties.  We also have Angels on a Sedona red rock.  Keep in mind that all of our products have been taken to two of Sedona's Vortexes for blessings, bringing in the energies for clarity, insight, healing, nurturing and assisting in changes for the betterment of self.


If you know of someone who could use clarity to make choices, check out the Choice Stick Necklace. We also have a necklace that is a reminder for living in the moment (Just Be Rock Necklace).  Check out the Manifestation Necklaces which remind to bring in more joy, love, healing, abundance, balance and strength.  All products have been blessed at Cathedral Rock Vortex and Airport Mesa Vortex.

Choice Sticks

If you know of someone that has difficulty making decisions then check out our Choice Sticks. Each comes with a verse to remind that we each have the answers within us. They are hand decorated with crystals, feathers, stones and shells.  The item that launched Just Be Creations!

Soft Suede Creations

There are several different size pouches to choose from.  These necklaces are large enough to carry several stones, crystals, seed pods or something special. All products are handmade by our family in Sedona, AZ.

Smudging Supplies

Looking for that special Smudge Fan?  These fans are unique and carry a great vibration.  Large and small smudge fans are available.  Order your desert sage and abalone shells here as well.

Books and Cards

The Divine Sparks Cards are inspirational and insightful messages that assist us on the path.  There are 126 cards in the set with a purple satin bag to carry them.

To accompany the Divine Sparks Cards is the Divine Sparks Book.  Each of the 126 messages are expanded on in the book, bringing in greater clarity, exercises and so much more.

The Welcome to Sedona Book answers questions about the Red Rock city. How did the rocks form?  How did Sedona get its name?  What is a Vortex? Who is Kokopelli?  What's the elevation?  The quick and easy, fact-filled guide to Sedona!

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