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 January 1, 2004

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By Shelia Shumate
January 1, 2004

 As I sat down to allow a message to come through, my mind flooded with many topics to write about but the one that came through the strongest is about you.

You are beauty, you are joy, and you are love. 

Within you are all these things, however sometimes we get caught up in situations and circumstances that make us feel less than beauty, less that joy and less than love.  If there is anyone telling you that you are anything less than beautiful, ask yourself why?  You are beautiful; each of us has our own beauty.  Each of us has our own path, our own way of doing things.  It might not be the way your parents, children, friends or spouse would do it but that doesn’t matter, because you are beautiful in your own way.  Sometimes people think beauty is all outer appearance, but recall a time when you met someone and you felt their beauty.  There is a difference. This is a year to see and feel your beauty, to become beautiful in all that you do.  Close your eyes and feel what that means to you.  Visualize your beauty, express yourself and see the reactions in others. Feel what it is like to be beauty. Start the New Year off with feeling the beauty within you.

You are Joy!  Joy comes from deep within your soul.  Happy seems to be a short term thing, but joy is everlasting.  Sometimes situations have covered up your joy, just remember and know you have the joy within, it is still there.  Think of a time when you were full of joy, what brought it about; get in touch with that energy.  Now visualize what it would be like to be joyful today.  What would you do? How would you act?  What would you say?  Isn’t it wonderful to have that experience?  Start the New Year off with feeling joy within you.

You are Love!  Each of us has love and compassion just waiting to burst out and be expressed.  One thing humans want is to love and to be loved.  If we choose to love unconditional, the reward is so great that what we feel within our hearts, words cannot express.  So many of us think we are giving love, but many give with attachments. If we give love with wanting something in return, then it is not unconditional.  If we give love with any thought of our self or any thought of what we want, then it not unconditional love.  It may be the way you saw your parents treat each other and think that is the way love is.  As you know we learn when we are young from observing how people give and receive love.  As adults we can choose what we want to do and break old patterns and beliefs about ourselves. If you want more love this year, then give love, because you want to and not because it is expected of you.  Visualize yourself giving unconditional to family, friends and strangers. Can you feel it within your heart?  Start the New Year off with feeling the love within you.

My wish for you is to express who you are through your beauty, express who you are through your joy and express who you are through you love.  And as always Just Be!

(Shelia is an Intuitive Reader and Spiritual Counselor; she also does Past Life and Soul Path Readings. She can be reached at justbe@sedona.net or 928-204-2341)

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