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My name is Shelia Shumate, and the story of Just Be Creations begins in 1984.  I was a mother of four going through a divorce and wanted to express my "new self" on the car license plates and the words Just Be were chosen.  For me, it means living in the moment, accepting what is, allowing, forgiving and being thankful. 
Several years later, in 1988, I was delivering the mail in Virginia when I heard this little voice say "move to Arizona, move to Arizona, move to Arizona".   Having listened to that small, still voice before to success, I chose to act upon it, even though I had never been to Arizona, didn't know anyone and had no idea what I would do.  I quit my government job, sold or gave away everything I had, and moved west, essentially without any savings. 

My youngest daughter was only twelve at the time and I sent her to live with my oldest daughter while I got settled.  Being nearly penniless, I chose to live out of my car temporarily.  Five months later, after earning enough to get an apartment, I brought my youngest daughter to live with me in Phoenix, AZ.  It was extremely challenging, but also very rewarding.  I got a job as a telemarketer and every free weekend was spent in Sedona, AZ where I knew I would someday live. 

In January 1993, the small voice came to me again, saying, "move to Sedona."   Well I didn't have to be told twice.  The next day I gave my two week notice.  People asked me what I was going to do and I replied "I don't know yet, but I'll find out!" 

After a couple weeks, I became a little nervous about paying the bills, and since I had not heard anything from higher self, I decided to find a job. I walked into one of the Hotels advertising for a front desk job and asked for an application.  The man behind the counter, reached down to get one, looked surprised and said, "I put some there this morning, excuse me," and left. 

At that point, I heard "What are you doing?"   I thought, "getting a job to pay the bills".  Then I heard, "If you take a job you will not have time to what you came to do".  So I thanked him and went back to the car, telling my daughter, I would be patient and wait for the next message.

Within two weeks I saw a vision to create "Choice Sticks."  They were to help people make decisions, and help them listen to their higher self, just as I had been doing for years.  They would help people learn to trust that voice inside; the gut feeling, instead of following what others thought.  I could see how they were to be decorated, with crystals, feathers, leather, stones, and shells.  It was a powerful image and I immediately went to work to find the materials. 

Soon after followed the decision to call the company "Just Be Creations".   The rest is history.   Today we have a full line of inspirational tools and products which are being sold in more than forty states and five countries.

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