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Welcome to the enchanting and empowering world of Just Be Creations.  A family owned and operated business, Just Be Creations offers a full assortment of original and handcrafted items, including Choice Sticks, Crystal Feathered Wands, Medicine Bags, Angel Necklaces, Divine Sparks Cards, Smudging Supplies and many other delightful and eye-catching pieces. All items are handmade in Sedona, Arizona, and have been taken to two of Sedona's energy vortexes for prayers and blessing, as a request that these products touch the hearts and souls of others. 

Our company embarked on its journey in March of 1993, and every day we are thankful that we can share our love with others in this way.  May we be here to serve you and spread beauty, light and love to the world, healing as we go...

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